For next week, keep practicing “Half Time Show”. Make sure to keep looking up at the score. Measure 3 and Measure 7 are very similar, but slightly different, so you will need to keep looking up to make sure you know the notes and play the right ones! See if you can learn the last one by yourself. Also, remember the difference between quarter notes (one beat), half notes (two beats), and whole notes (four beats). We will keep reviewing this next week, and also keep working with the flashcards.


For next week, we will do the G Major Scale and the D Major scale (which has two sharps – F-sharp and C-Sharp). Now that you know the notes for “Greatest Show on Earth”, it’s time to put the hands together. Make sure that your left hand is always louder than your right hand since it has the melody. We’re also going to keep working with flashcards next week and move onto the next piece in the book. If you feel up to it, you can have a look at the next piece on your own and then you will be ahead for your lesson next week!