Great work, today, guys!  Remember, you only progress as fast as how much (and how well) you practice!


You did improve from last week!  Remember to practice with the sound you’re producing as well as reading the music in mind.  How can one focus on both at the same time?  In SLOW MOTION!!  You can do it!!!


You did really well today, buddy!  Sorry to see you go for now, but hopefully we will recommence in September.  Keep practicing when you get a chance!  You don’t want to forget what you’ve learned so far!


Dear, dear.  It pains me that you don’t practice more than you do, because you are so talented!!!  Please practice ALL of the pieces I assign each week (denoted by the date that I assign them), and practice at least 15 minutes 6 – 7 days a week.


Correct fingerings for your scales!!!  Remember, the key is to make note of which fingers crosses over the thumbs in both hands for each scale, and which note this happens on.  Engage your core as the pad of your finger touches the key, then swing elbow out, going to the tip of the finger to make the note SING — CARESS the keys.