Dear Carmen,

Warm up: C arpeggios (LH cross over)

C major scale

French Lullaby – by memory

Finger steps, Finger walk – legato practice

Thirds – skip one step (white key)

(practice 10 – 15 mins a day)


Dear Ian,

Classic Dance – arpeggios C position

Young Hunter – A minor key (make sure to hold your long notes for the harmony)

Paper Airplane – steps and skips , new notes : high C position

The Juggler – Staccato play

(practice 15 mins a day)


Dear Miles,

C major scale

C minor scale

Sneaky Business – by memory

Sight reading:


Russian Folk Song

Shave and Haircut

  • say the name of the notes as you play them

(practice 15 mins a day)


Dear Nathalia,

C major scale

G major scale

Sing Bird Sing- Play each hand separately , then try hands together – one line at a time (notice the pattern)

Morning prelude – C major arpeggios – whole tone scale (D flat, E flat)


(practice 10 -15 mins a day)