Hi Everyone – I apologize for last week. I filled out the post for assignments last week, but it seems that it was for some reason not published. Sorry! Hopefully there will be no problems with this post.


Great chords and “Little River”! Remember to keep your wrists relaxed, and your “mountain tops”. Also keep your shoulders nice and relaxed. We learned the second line of “Sailing in the Sun” this week and also a bit of the third line. Let’s keep practicing that for next week. I talked to your mom a bit about flash cards, but for now, we can continue to write in the note names. Let’s see if you can figure out the note names for the last line!


Great scales and very good work on “Music Box Rock!”. Remember to do your G Major scale (remember that it has an F-Sharp). Keep working on “Music Box Rock” and remember the two words we learned today. (Allegro and Ritardando). Also start on the next song, “A Cowboy Song” Extra points if you can put the hands together by yourself again. Very nice work this week!


It’s very fun to play our student-teacher duets together! Your big assignment for this week is to memorize the chart I drew for you on page 34! Remember the difference between a half note (2 beats) and quarter note (1 beat) – and also a half rest (2 beats) and quarter rest (1 beat). I’m going to check to see that you remembered this next week. Also, we will keep working on “Lost Teddy Bear”, “Three Note Symphony” and “C-Song Again”. Remember to use your left hand for “C-Song Again”


Great work on your C Major Scale. Remember to sit up straight and keep your wrists and shoulders nice and relaxed. Finish learning the left hand of “Aeolian Lullaby” and focus on the fingerings. It helps to say the note names out loud if you get a bit lost. I’ll see if we can start working with flash cards to really solidify your knowledge of the notes on the page. Keep working on your right hand too, and if you feel up to it, put the two hands together. That’s what we will start doing next time.


Thanks to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all next week!