Bayli Cohen

Hello, nice to see you again this week!

Great work on being able to reach the low C! That is a tough one to reach on the flute but you did it. For next week please have the 2 octave C Major scale prepared. Continue to work on the pieces “A la Claire Fontaine” and “Skip to my Lou”. You mentioned that you have a lot of homework/tests this week for your other classes, but please try to play your flute even if it is just for a small amount of time this week. Just by picking the flute up and playing it, you will see a difference in your progress. Next week we will also continue to work on learning how to identify key signatures.

Please try to purchase the book “Overtones: Flute Technique” by the Royal Conservatory of Music. I sent a link in my last email for where you can buy it online. This book will be helpful in your progress on the flute.

See you next Tuesday!