Lilly should practice the verse progression of Yellow Submarine. She should focus her practice on the chord changes and on strumming down at the first and fourth beat of each measure. She should also keep on practicing Yankee Doodle with the suggested right hand technique: alternating index and middle fingers and leaning them on the respective upper strings.



Paul should play Purple Rain, the whole song, focusing his practice on both the harmonic rhythm – especially when it comes to alternating time signatures – and on the outro – particularly on its last measure.



Matias should continue practicing Mood for a day – now on page 2, from bar 44 to 57. Focus on the fingering applied to the descending scale, and on the two variations of the following theme.



Since he couldn’t find the song’s sheet and wasn’t able to practice, Julian should review Have you ever seen the rain. Focus on the chorus two chords per measure passage. He should also play Rock-a my soul at page 54 of the Hal Leonard book.