Dear piano explorers and parents


Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday May 15 at 225 Geary Ave for our annual year end recital!



Old MacDonald :  check your left hand chords carefully.   Your thumb should move up to A and then back down to G.  Don’t let your other fingers move.  Aim to play Old Macdonald 4 times daily



Sneaky Sam : great job today. Aim to play all the quarter notes the same speed and without any pauses

A Little Joke :  Check  how the notes are moving up and down.  Be especially careful in the first two lines to see if the notes are stepping or skipping .  Play to the end this week



Fur Elise : you  have learned how to play this piece quickly . Well done!  Check that you are not rushing through the easy parts and slowing down for the more challenging parts.  The best way to practice this is to start slower and see if you can play the entire piece the same speed.  Listen for a piano (quiet) dynamic  and only get louder on the second page

Theme from Symphony 1: be sure to play the B flats

Please pick up the next book for next weeks lesson.  Thank you!



Bridal chorus: continue  to practice this carefully and to make sure that you can find the next note after the eighth note quickly

Recital:  perform your three pieces  ( British Grenadiers, Sweet Molly Malone, Little Green Frog)  in the sequence you will be performing them on Sunday.  Also practice walking up to the piano and introducing the pieces and finally bowing at the end to thank your audience for listening to you .


Have  a wonderful week everyone !