Remember, you only get as good at something, as the effort you put into it!!


Your note reading, dear, and the time (or lack thereof) you allocate to practicing — needs improvement!!  Every week I feel like we’re starting from the same point again as the previous week.  You have figure out a way that you will know (immediately) what the note on the page is, which hand it is in, and where it denotes the key on the piano!  You are so talented, but your lack of practice and note/key recognition is holding you back.


Don’t slip back into your tired, unfocused self during the lessons, dear.  This is why we changed your lessons to Mondays, so you would be more awake!  Remember to practice ALL of the pieces denoted by the date I assign them.  And, remember, staying on the rhythm train and playing the correct note (and rest) lengths is just AS IMPORTANT as getting the right notes.


Your pieces (and memorization thereof) keep improving, but your technique (scales and triads) is far behind from where it should be if you were to do your exam now.  You need to go over the scale fingerings and scale and triad notes with a fine tooth comb, and you should memorizing all of them as well!  Remember, your core muscles should ALWAYS be engaged, engaging more on strong beats, when more technical or musical coordination is required, and when you play forte and above.