Hello Everybody!

This is a fairly important update, and we ask that you make yourself aware of the basics in it.

Remaining Schedule

Due to light schedules, the following teachers’ lessons will end at the of May.

  • Andrea (Flute)
  • David (Guitar)
  • Jacob (Sax)
  • Justin (Trumpet)

You should see no further billing for this calendar year if your lessons are ending in May.

Aubrey will continue to teach through June 22nd.

Please call if you have any questions about this.

17-18 Schedule Integration Improvements

One of the challenges of our start-up phase has been to acknowledge the existing calendar of the school while minimizing the interruptions to scheduled lessons.  We have taken the lessons of this year, and have made the following upgrades to our approach:

  1. Lessons will only occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  2. All major TFS holidays have been accounted for.
  3. Many grade-wide, or departmental activities and trips have been accounted for.
  4. Start and end dates have been compressed from the beginning and end of the school year to make these times less stressful and complicated for you.
  5. Make-up weeks have been added before Winter Break and Summer Break to allow students some flexibility for illness, and unexpected or unaccounted events.

We want to make this as easy and as complimentary to your weekly activities, as possible.

Please note that the general TFS schedule still requires finalizing, which we will integrate into our planning at the end of August.

Click here for the preliminary full-year teaching calendar.  The teaching days by instrument and room follows below.

Click here for next year’s teaching day schedule by instrument and room.  This is a preliminary schedule and may change.


One of our team members will be calling you to ask if you are registering for both Summer and Fall.  All you have to do is indicate yes or no to the person on the phone.  No financial information will be requested.  If you need to get details outside of a yes/no answer, please call the office, or request a call-back the person you are speaking to.

You are eligible for Priority Re-Registraion, which simply means you get the opportunity to keep your time before registration is opened up to new students.  Your priority re-registration period is from May 8th to 12th (or before if we reach you ahead of schedule).  After this time, registration will open to the rest of the TFS students – which now includes the lower school.  If your time is important to you, you should take it now.  Next year there will also be a period during which you can switch lessons.  Since there are few students during this start-up phase, that will not be necessary.  If you have not heard from us by the 12th – however unlikely – please call the office at 416-651-7529.


You may elect to take some lessons over the summer.  We have limited teaching days by design, teaching Tuesday through Thursday, so everyone gets a 4-day weekend.  If you indicate your interest, we’ll call you to sort details.  Not all lessons will be available, and lessons will only be available at ABC’s main campus at 12 Conway Ave.

We are now taking Summer registration.  You will be called beginning this week to ask about your interest.  Remember, you can pick dates for your summer lessons, if you will be away part of, or repeatedly over the summer.  We will happily fit you in when and where possible.  When we call you to do the time booking, after the simple yes/no call, just be sure to have your away-dates on hand, so we can set things up correctly for you!

Billing will occur in July and August.


We will also be taking Fall registration now.

You will be billed now (in May, or at time of re-registration) for your September classes to hold your spot.  Regularly scheduled billing will then begin on October 1st.

Spring Recital – Join Us!

TFS Students are invited, and encouraged to play in our short recitals.  If you do not wish to play at this time, we invite you to join us as an audience member, which is an important part of a well-rounded music education.

The recital is at 225 Geary Ave., at the Root Down Studio, on May 14th.

Here is the current listing of who is playing, and when:


Rock Band II

1 p.m.

Rock Band II
Rock Band I
Kate V.

2 p.m.

Rock Band I
Claire M.

Not Registered to play yet?  Call the office with your preferred time now (416-651-7529).