Another good set of lessons today and great practice this week!  So proud of how far you three of come these past two years!!


Super, super, super Ahaan!!!  Remember, keeping your elbows away from your body raises your wrists!  Shoulders MUST ALWAYS be relaxed, and your core ALWAYS engaged, moving to the rhythmic structure (following the strong beats) of the piece you are playing.


Your playing apparatus often does different things for different pieces (eg. relaxed hands, pushing wrists forward on the strong beats, or a tensed hand, pushing forward on the strong beats), and the hand that is playing the melody is in a state of ‘electrification’ and the other hand is relatively just chillin, BUT your CORE MUSCLES should always be engaged, tummy muscles tensing up more on the strong beats, and your SHOULDERS should be ALWAYS RELAXED!!!


Engage your core muscles more, and make sure your shoulders are relaxed!  The hand that is playing the melody should be ACTIVE from the moment your finger comes down on the note UNTIL that finger comes off the key, and your EAR should be attuned to the SOUND you’re creating when you articulate that note.  Remember, the rules of lyricism are that EVERY melodic note should SOUND GOOD, and that every melodic note is CONNECTED (at least in your mind, if not legato) to the next melodic note.