Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the triplet exercises that we worked on this week. Focus on keeping the beat steady and the rhythms even. Try each exercise at a variety of different speeds: slow, medium, and fast. Also practice the triplet beat and try adding some fills along with the beat.


Work on the triplet rhythms that we learned this week. Remember that each note in the triplet is the same and so the rhythm should sound even. Play each exercise several times in a row without stopping. Count the rhythms out loud if you have any trouble playing them.


Great work on the triplet rhythms this week! Practice them this week and focus on keeping the triplets even and the speed steady. See how fast you can play each exercises while still maintaining the accuracy of the rhythm. Also, work on the triplet beat and practice improvisint some triplet fills with it.


Practice playing each of the beats from Arabella in order and work on transitioning between each one. Take it slow at first and make sure that you can make each transition without stopping or hesitating. Also, listen to the song and see if you can play along with it.


Review the rhythms and coordination exercises that we worked on this week. Play each one at least 4 or 5 times in a row without stopping. Try to make each rhythm sound smooth without pausing or hesitating. Next week we will review these exercises and work on some new ones.