‘Steady as she goes’ would be the saying that pops into my mind about your guys’ practicing this past week.  Let’s try for ‘light speed’ (or something close to it;) for next!


Keep a steady beat, and your eyes on the page, sir!  Remember, each line and space is another white key!


Starting to get a handle on improvising, my boy!  Do you know why they call it ‘playing music’ instead of ‘working music’?  Because, music is supposed to be fun and INTERESTING!


Remember to MOVE to the rhythm of the piece you’re playing!  ALWAYS.  Even when learning a new piece.  If your body is not moving, you are not making music.


Gerardo’s comment applies to you too, Maz!  Keep your eyes on the page, making sure you are not missing anything (eg. staccatos, rhythms, etc.).  Learn the L.H. of Cruella!