Excellent lessons today, again, kids!!  Thanks for being so open and willing to explore further fundamental musical concepts with me!


Remember, HOW you move = HOW it sounds!!  How your fingers move can effect how it sounds only so much, so don’t be shy to lend your fingers a hand with your body movement as you articulate!  Music is ‘painting with sound’, so you want to make sure you have the widest palette of colors (widest range of possible articulation types) available to you.


Thanks for being honest about and explaining your time schedule, and how hard it is to get a good look at your pieces more than a couple times a week.  Please develop this habit of reviewing what we worked on in the lesson BEFORE going to bed that night, so that when you do practice next, you remember what we worked on, and what to strive to improve!


Formidable!!!  You really tried your best exploring musical principles more deeply this lesson with me, and your English comprehension seemed to improve from last week.  Now, please continue this exploration when you practice this week, practicing at least 20 minutes per day.


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