Great lessons, guys!  It’s not only how MUCH you practice, but HOW you practice that counts!


Focus while you practice and play, my dear boy!   This is how you get better.   5 minutes of focused practice is better than 30 minutes of the other!


Wowsers!!  Another great lesson, and practice week!  Remember to keep that good posture and hand positions as you play.  Always look a few notes ahead of the notes you’re playing so that you give yourself time to prepare.  And, MOVE to the piece’s rhythm!!


Making steady progress!  KNOW the difference between quarter notes and eighth notes!  And don’t rush the rhythm — give each note value its FULL LENGTH!!  Moving to the rhythm and breaking the above bad habit will drastically change your playing.  You can do it!!


Awesome, man!!!  You’re back on track, I’m so happy.  Note reading’s improving, too.  Great job!!!


I believe everything happens for a reason, so your bow breaking gave us a chance to fully focus on your left hand.  It’s getting better.  Don’t forget to MOVE to the rhythm as you play with your new bow.  Get into this habit from the start, and cello playing will be nothing but smooth playing going forward.