Good lessons today, folks, but please try to get more AND better practice in this week!


Excellent progress in your understanding of musical concepts, Briel!  Now, just put this principles in to practice this week, and you will be off to the races!!  Remember, HOW you move = HOW you sound, so don’t be afraid to move in an interesting and expressive way while you play!


Marginal progress on ‘Batman’ this week, though over the past six weeks, you have shown both yourself and myself, that your hands can coordinate doing different finger articulations at the same time, so NO EXCUSES!!  Please, be able to play through this entire song from beginning to end WITHOUT STOPPING and at a STEADY TEMPO.  Also, when you practice improvising this week, remember, the goal is to TELL A STORY.


Good work on ‘When the Saints’, but please practice/learn the other pieces assigned, as well.  Remember to MOVE to the rhythmic pattern of the piece you’re playing while articulating (moving on the strong beats).