Hello Pedro, Alejandro, Brad, and Ella,

It was good to see you and see your progression. So, here is the assignment until we meet next week.

Pedro– We learned open hi-hat technique today. Remember that the open hi-hat sound must be clean. When you closed hi-hat, make sure the hi-hat sound be crispy. You don’t need to lift your left foot, but only lift toes. Make sure lift your feet on 2 and 4 and when it comes to 1 first exercise and 1 and 3 and on 3rd exercises. Aim 1 hour daily.

Alejandro– We learned open hi-hat technique today. When you practice this technique, make sure weight balance between your left and right foot equal. Then when it comes to left foot, you only lift toes gently. Make sure lift on your left foot toes on beat 2 and and 4 and. The sound must be clean ringing when hi-hat is open and crispy sound when hi-hat is closed. Practice slowly and be accurate as much as possible. In addition, please don’t forget your stick grips. I mentioned this every lesson, so please do your best to change it while you practicing other materials as well. To be specify, second finger never comes out and don’t rotate your wrist when you strike on drum. It should be up and down motion. Aim to practice 45 minute daily

Mom: Please help Alejandro bring all the materials in the binder. It’s accumulative materials and I always review the materials before I teach a new technique. Please bring  it every week of lesson.

Brad– Hope you feeling well and keep practicing the materials that I gave you.

Ella– We learned simple rock beat today. Make sure remember the instruments’ names; hi-hat, snare drum, and bass drum.  When you practice at home, imagine the kick drum and put some weight on left and right foot. When it comes to right foot, you need to imagine stamp on the ground. Try to be aggressive and practice slowly. Lastly, keep practicing the last week materials; the subdivision drum beat exercises. Aim 45 minute daily.

P.S: I got an information from the director, Barnaby, that there is students’ recital coming on December 3rd at noon. It would be great you to be participate to watch other students playing and support them as well.  It’s always good to see and encourage yourself by seeing other performers’ playing. The detail information will be hand out by the director.

Happy Practice