Hello Pedro, Alejandro, and Ella,

I’m sorry again updating homework lately. This will be the last. I had a very intensive schedules until last night and I finally posted. So here are the home work.

Pedro- Keep working last materials; the open hi-hat techniques. Practice slowly and aim 45-50 minute per daily.

Alejandro- Good focus and keep practice the open hi-hat technique 1 and 3 exercises. In addition, we learned how to count between 8th notes and 16th notes. Practice slowly and try to able to play smoothly between 8th notes and 16th notes. Mom or Sister, you could help Alejandro as well. While you’re clapping 8th notes, Alejandro have to play 16th notes. When you clap 16th notes, he has to play 8th notes. Practice slowly and bring all the materials just like last week.

Ella- We learned all simple rock beats. Please practice the kick between one and double kick clearly and listen song “ROCK YOU” by Queen. In addition, keep practicing the basic hand grip as well. Aim to 30-40 minute practice daily.


Happy Practice.~