Excellent progress this week (for most of you), and a quantum leap forward in the lessons (for all of you)!

Briel (Not ‘Brien’ ~ SORRY!)

Especially the above is directed at you!  Superb method of lesson/practice we established today, good you captured all of the ‘at tempo’ and ‘in slow motion’ video versions of me playing the songs you are working on.  Notice HOW my body is moving as I play, then try to copy this movement in every way.  HOW YOU MOVE = HOW YOU SOUND!!


Review the ‘lines and spaces’ of the Treble and Bass Clefs every time you practice, dear!!  And, please practice ‘Batman’ from beginning to end!  I want to be able to play the duet with you next week, so you need to be able to play the piece WITHOUT STOPPING from beginning to end!!  Also, for a second ‘piece’ for the recital, you and I are going to do an ‘improvisational jam’ for a couple minutes, so start improvising — making a song (story) with a recognizable (and convincing) beginning, middle, and end!


Continue your good work on ‘When the Saints…’, and please REVIEW the ‘lines and spaces’ of the Treble and Bass Clefs EVERY TIME YOU PRACTICE!  The lines and ‘spaces’ in between the Treble and Bass Clefs follow the same rule (one line and space per white key/letter of the musical alphabet).


Please play the ‘note-naming game’ every time you practice!!  Then, practice and learn your first exercise on the white keys that I assigned you (with today’s date).  Oscar should be allowed to spend half of his practice time ‘improvising’, as doing so will elicit Oscar’s exploration of the piano, and love of music.



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