Hello all,

here is the assignment until we meet next week Monday.

Pedro- We learned double kick today. Make sure practice slowly and see your feet motion. Make sure that the 2nd eighth notes should be strong because the sound has to be balance between first and second. Keep practice the basic stuffs as well. In addition, we also learned the movement. I explained that during the lesson. So, think carefully your movement while you’re playing the drum fill and play slowly. Try to practice 1 hour daily.

Ronan- I hope that you are doing well Ronan. Make sure keep practicing the materials that I gave it you. :)

Alejandro- Alejandro, make sure review again how to hold the drum stick. Even though I explained to you many time during the lessons, you’re still doing the bad habit. Please fix it. In addition, please memorize the instrument names; Hit-hat, Snare-drum, and Bass drum. Furthermore, we learned double kick exercise. Please practice slowly and try to aim practice at least 1 hour daily. Lastly, PLEASE bring your drum stick and a binder.

Brad- PLEASE practice the materials I gave you. We learned Double kick today. Make sure watch your feet motion and the second eighth note sounds should be stronger than first eight note of bass drum. In addition. PLEASE PLEASE fix your hand grip! Your thumb and second finger are not holding the sticks. Practice at least 1 hour daily.

Ella- Bravo on first assignment! We learned note division today; Whole notes, Half notes, Quater notes, Eighth notes. I explained to you how is it work and how to practice. When you’re practicing, ask your mom, dad, or your sister to clap steady on quater notes beat with count 1,2,3,4. While they’re clapping, you must able to play whole, half, quater, eighth notes smoothly. Practice slowly and don’t afraid about making mistake. You will learn through a mistake and that is why practicing is very important. :) Try to practice 1 hour daily with the stick holding exercise as well.


Happy Practice~


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