Great job today and this past week, all of you guys!!!  Practicing students makes a music teacher happy!!!


That said, try to focus more in the lessons and while practicing at home, my dear boy.  You only get out of music what you put into it.  It’s more how you spend the time at the piano, than just the amount of time.


Great initiative with ‘What a Wonderful World’, Maz!  You’re really set on performing it in just a few weeks, so you’ll have to put in at least 45 minutes per day to achieve this goal.  You can do it!!!!


Surprise, surprise!  You do want to learn the piano.  And, I think we’ve discovered what’s been holding you back.  So, 15 minutes/day playing the online note naming game, then at least 15 minutes/day on your songs, and you should be reading music with ease in no time!!!


Slow, but steady progress over these past few weeks of trying the cello.  Try to practice more this week and in the weeks to come.  You will get there, and then both you and I will be astonished at your progress.  I promise you!!!