Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week. Sorry it’s a bit late!


  • Keep working on note name recognition and fingerings.
  • Focus on new band music this week. When looking at unfamiliar music, take things slowly. Try clapping out rhythms that are giving you difficulties; if there are ties between notes that are confusing you, try taking out the tie and adding it back once you are comfortable.
  • Keep working on scales, thirds and arpeggios.


  • Work on chromatic scale, starting with low Bb and going all the way up to high F. Memorize the note names that are still giving you difficulty.
  • Focus on rock band music for this week. Make sure to try things with the metronome; getting the right rhythms is important. Try clapping things if you are confused. Try to elongate your notes instead of playing everything short and disconnected. Experiment with slurring notes.


  • Keep working on the chromatic scale from the new low fingerings we talked about up to the highest note.
  • Work on C major scale and the arpeggio.
  • Keep looking at the exercises we worked on in the Rubank book. Make sure not to memorize the notes and to actually “read” them off the page.

Good luck with the practicing, see you guys next week.