Piano students making continued progress makes a piano teacher happy!!!  Good job, guys!


Nailed one song down, and two to focus on this week.  Remember, doing staccatos (lifting fingers off the keys quickly) does not mean changing the tempo!  Keep the STEADY TEMPO train going no matter what your fingers are doing!  And, don’t forget to play the note-naming game this week!


Your wrist action (pushing wrists forward to make a good sound when striking keys/chords) is looking (and sounding) really good!  And, you’ve got a regular habit going.  I see great things in your piano future this year.  Keep it up!!


My, my, my young man!  What a turn around.  You are now practicing, and it shows!  Remember, the goal is to play the piece from beginning to end, CORRECTLY (as best as possible), WITHOUT STOPPING.


Slow, but steady progress, dear!  Bow is looking good, and your fingers are getting more comfortable articulating on the fingerboard.  And, now you know how to tune and check your intonation (via your keyboard), so no excuses!  You can do it!!!