Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Spend some time this week practicing the stick control exercises that use different patterns between your right hand and left hand. Remember to focus on creating motion with your wrist more so than your elbow. This will help you to play faster without feeling tension or getting tired. Also, review the ACDC song we were working on last week.


Practice all the different sections of “Crying Lightening” by the Arctic Monkeys. Focus especially on transitioning between the sections. See if you can play each part at the same speed as the recording. If not, slow it down and then try to gradually build up the speed.


Have a listen to “My Music at Work” this week and see what you can make out of the drum part. Practice the beat and fills that I wrote down in your book. Next week will review those and learn more of the song.


Work on the exercises I showed you with the right hand playing eighth notes while the bass drum keeps time. Then, add in the left hand so that you are playing sixteenth notes. Remember to keep the backs of your hands facing up and try to generate motion with your wrist more than you elbow. See how fast you can play this exercises without losing time or feeling tense.