(Mostly) good lessons today, and practice this week.  You only get better by the amount of effort and practice you put in!!


That said, you were busy these past two week, Briel.  I do very much appreciate your willingness to listen to and attempt new ideas in the lesson.  And, you understood and were able to mimic these ideas very well.  Now, practice this “listening to how you articulate EVERY melodic note” while moving your body to the rhythm of what you are playing, and you will progress very quickly and deeply!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, now this is what I have been talking about!  Almost got through the entirety of ‘Batman’ hands together.  Now, practice this same way — without slowing down or stopping the tempo between each 2-bar phrase, NEVER forgetting to MOVE to the rhythm.  Also, practice improvising, playing the ‘lead’, and then the ‘accompaniment’ — something we will discuss more in detail next lesson.


PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!  We’ve been on the same pieces for over a month now, and weren’t even able to get through half of the pieces assigned for today.  That’s it, really.


Remember with play with ALL of your fingers, and to play ON FINGERTIPS (so nails must be cut so no white of the nail is showing).  Your hands should be like CLAWS, and fingers CURVED, even while lifting up/off of keys!  Please practice the pieces assigned for this week with today’s date.