Hello Ezra and Elora,

here is the assignment until we meet next week.

Ezra- I would like you to review the first material “how to hold the drum stick”. I could see that you’re still playing the old habit that you used to play. Please fix it and today we learned different version of simple beat with counting 1 & 2& 3& 4&. Make sure practice slow and try to play with Metronome on time. Try to aim to practice 30 minute daily. Finally, PLEASE bring all the materials that I gave you in a binder.

Elora- I’m happy to see that your holding drum stick is much improved. Keep working on the fundamental because it is crucial to building foundation strong. We learned some note value exercises with counting. Before you play, make sure count and try to play on time. Remember that do not rush. Try to aim to practice 30 min daily.


Have a wonderful thanks giving weekend.


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