Warm up : C 5 finger scale, C chord (RH, LH and HT solid and broken)

Flat symbol (E flat  and B flat notes)

Songs: Tire trouble

In a flash

Indian drums (by memory)

(try to pratise 10 – 15 mins a day)



Warm up : C major and G major scale and triads

Songs: A minuet for Bach’s Children

Sword Dance (D minor position, 5 note scale)

New lesson : transpostion


(try to practise 15 mins a day)



Warm up : C and D 5 note scales

Songs: Old Mcdonald

Snow in winter

Ducks on the pond

Jack and Jill

At the zoo


New lesson: Middle C position- thumbs on C

(try to practise 10 mins a day)



Warm up: C and G major scale and triads

Songs: Ice cream (C position)

More ice cream (G position)

The Elf’s silver hammer (high C position – RH)

16 th century march (G minor – B flat, by memory)

New lesson: broken and solid chords (practise holding down notes 1 & 5- 1 & 3 – 3 & 5, and then all 3 notes)

(try to practise 15 mins a day)



Warm up : C major 5 note scale

Songs : Rain

At the zoo

Humpty Dumpty

Bell song (by memory, on black keys)

March of dwarfs (try one line, quorter notes – quorter rests)

-say the name of notes as you play them

(try to practise 15 mins a day)



Warm up : C major 5 note scale

Songs: Rain

At the zoo

Waltz of the Christmas toys

Hush little baby (by memory, middle C position – thumbs on C)

(try to practise 15 mins a day)



Warm up : C major and G major scales and triads

Songs : Classic dance

Young  hunter

C’s rock!

Erie canal (by memory, E minor position, F #, D#)

Ragtime (by memory, C position)

(try to practise 15 – 20 mins a day)



Warm up: G major and D major scales and triads and cadences

Songs : Just struttin’ along (great job memorizing!)

Don’t wanna leave you blues

Ol’ rocking’ chair blue (make sure to use correct fingering when sight reading)

(try to practise 15- 20 mins a day)










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