Great to have you back, guys!  Especially, since none of you hardly missed a beat over the summer!!  Good job!


Though you retained the level you reached before the summer, you need to get back into your regular practice habit!  Aim to finish this new book and perform your first recital before the new year?!


The use of pinky fingers when playing has improved, but their articulation (how they strike the keys) can still be better!  Rely on your ears when improvising, always move/dance to the rhythmic character of whatever you’re playing, and remember, the only music RULE that really matters in the end is that what you’re playing sounds good!


3 Steps to learning/perfecting a piece of music: 1. Move/dance to the rhythm of the piece you will be practicing/playing AT TEMPO ~ before ~ you begin playing. 2. SLOW that rhythm down (get into slow motion). 3. Prepare hands in position to play, then play in slow motion, moving to the rhythm, and keeping eyes GLUED to the page!


Read the 3 Steps under Mazin’s instructions above ~ you will really benefit from them now, too!  Really looking forward to this year with you.  I think you are going to make great strides!  Keep it up!