Hi everyone,

Welcome back for another year of drum lessons! It was great to see each of you again this week. Just like last year, I will be sending out weekly homework e-mails with notes on what you should be practicing. Here are your assignments for this week:


Spend some time at each practice session this week working on your drum roll. Follow the three steps that I outlined in your drum book. Practice bouncing the stick and experiment with applying different amounts of pressure on the stick with your fingers. The idea here is to develop the ability to control the bounce of the stick. It takes a long time to develop this, so just do a little bit each day and don’t get frustrated!


Try to practice your drum roll for about 5 minutes each day this week. If you do a little bit each day, you will begin to see (and hear) gradual improvement. It is something that takes a long time to develop, but if you practice it frequently and consistently it will get easier. Also, take a look at the drum beats that we worked on and spend some time improvising fills over the beats like we did in our lesson.