Happy to see you two back after the summer!  You’re some of my best students and you make my teaching day very enjoyable!!


Remember and use the ‘3 Steps to Learning Anything’ when learning your pieces ~ 1. Get into the rhythmic ‘character/feel’ of the piece, at tempo, before you play, which means DANCE!!  And, not just any dance, the type of dance the particular piece you’re playing calls for.  BE CREATIVE and use your imagination!! 2.  SLOW THE DANCE DOWN.  Move to the rhythm exactly the way you were at tempo, but now just doing it in slow motion.  3.  Get ready to play (hands in position), glue eyes to the music (and keep them there as you play), the keep moving in the rhythm as you play at the slow tempo!


Woohoo!!!  Excellent job on the exam, and practice after the exam!  Am excited about this year.  You are going to do AWESOME!!!