Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on long tones and octave slurs.
  • Work on C major scale and arpeggio this week. Remember to try it while looking at the music and without it as well. Memorize the names of the notes in the scale.
  • Keep working on the exercises in book 2, page 1.
  • Work on ‘Tomorrow’; remember to isolate the parts that are giving you trouble and keep clapping rhythms.


  • Start practice session with long tones and register slurs; use metronome. Remember to crescendo and decrescendo on each note.
  • Try to memorize the fingerings we talked about and the corresponding note names.
  • Keep working on C major scale and arpeggio.
  • Here are some books that I recommend : Foundation Studies, Op. 63 Clarinet by David Hite, Rubank Elementary Method for Clarinet.


  • Start practice session with long tones using metronome at 70. Remember to crescendo and decrescendo throughout each note. Focus specifically on the lower register (F, E, Eb, D, etc.). Don’t be too scared to play loud, especially in the low register!!!
  • Continue to work on major scales and arpeggios for the following keys; C, F, G, and Bb. Memorize the notes in each scale but also be able to read the music. Isolate any problem areas within the scales.
  • Memorize the order of sharps and flats.
  • Work on the band music we looked at today. Make sure to pay attention to the dynamic markings and the rhythms of the notes.
  • I’ll leave the books I was talking about up until next week: 25 Daily Exercises for Saxophone – H. Klose, and Rubank Intermediate Method for Saxophone. You can probably find these at Long and McQuade or on Amazon. If you don’t end up getting the books, bring yours in for next week.


  • Work on the chromatic scale starting with open C# descending (C#, C, B, Bb, etc.) Memorize all the fingerings and note names for the notes we underlined on the chart.
  • Remember the fingerings for both Bb’s.
  • Isolate notes in groups of three (eg. C, B, Bb;   A, Ab, G;    E, Eb, D)
  • Work on Octave slurs.

Good luck with the practicing, see you guys next week.