Owen – play “Limelight” while singing it. Remember that the bass line in the solo is basically the G# minor scale. Seek tabs on the bass line and we will work on the actual line on Monday.Parents, please see to it that Owen practices at least 15 minutes a day.

Samuel – practice “Higher Ground”, the new parts nI gave you. Also review the scales and names of strings. Parents please make sure there is 15 minutes of practice a day.

Eliot – new pages in book, make sure the strings are plucked lightly. 15 minutes a day practice

Felix – great work on the Charlie Christian tune! Listen to the song “Flying Home”, make sure you cab nail the “head”, or the tune itself, then focus on the first four bars of the solo. Parents, Felix should do a half hour of practice a day.

Mona – new pages in book, review past lessons, also try to think about what song you would like to learn on guitar. Review names of strings. Parents, Mona should do 15 minutes a day of practice.