• Get a folder or binder (from Dollarama?)
  • Get isolation headphones
    • Here is a good deal on ones that don’t plug in (you’ll have to wear earbuds underneath them).
    • Here are the ideal ones that do plug in.
    • If you don’t want to order off of Amazon, Long & McQuade is a music store that will likely have some in stock.
  • Here are the new beats. Practice them one at a time with a metronome. Set the metronome to 70. Once you can play ALL the drum beats at that tempo (speed), raise the metronome to 80 and repeat. Then take the tempo up to 90. Keep increasing the metronome my increments of 10 (or 5, if 10 becomes too much) until you get to 120. REMEMBER: Go through ALL the drum beats before you increase the tempo.
  • Make sure that your drum stool is high enough, and that the top of the snare drum is just a couple of inches below your bellybutton. Also, your hi-hat should be high enough that your arms aren’t hitting each other when you play.
  • Check out this 15-year-old drummer’s instagram profile.


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