Maria, great job this week, you are remembering to keep your fingers up more often, even when the little ones get tired, keep it up! In LAVENDER’S BLUE, please decrescendo gradually throughout the last line and don’t forget that staccato in the LH (I circled it for you) :)

In LONDON BRIDGE, there are at least two TIES, meaning you hold the notes over the bar line, their values are tied together. Count the two last bars out loud for yourself at home while practicing them, 2-5 min/day. Make sure you hold the first note of the last bar for only one beat.

In NICK NACK, I encourage you to focus on just the last two bars to really get confident with them. Play them slowly, 5 min/day, to really get them into your muscle memory. Also notice that sometimes you skip the eighth notes in bar 4 (the last bar of the first line).


Great playing Vitoria, you are learning so quickly!


Ava make sure your dad prints out the lyrics (words) and the sheet music (notes and words) for How Far I’ll Go, and ask him to download a voice recorder app onto your ipad! Good work, my friend! Listen and sing along to the recording i made for you often, to try to match those notes right on!

In piano you are ready for the Piano Adventures Primer Level.