I’ve sent you 3 more reeds and some pad paper/cigarette paper for cleaning the keys; make sure you save your dead reeds and shipping containers (just the clear plastic case) and then send them back with the postage paid envelope when you’ve got 6 or more – I can sanitize and reuse the case and the ‘staples’ which are the cork and metal part of the reed.

Books & materials to buy


Gymnopédie No 1

  • Warm up by playing the high A with lots of air as loud as you can; make it sound good!
  • practice the F sharp to A transition.
  • once you have played the trouble spots, try to play longer sections to keep your focus through the whole piece
  • try to play along with the soundcloud backing track. Its a bit fast at 80 to the quarter
  • Listen to some piano recordings and see if you think the slurs in the low F sharp and E are correct!


D Major

  • Use the 4 quarter notes at 60 beats per minute to play 1 octave of the scale up and down
  • Check the tuner for the whole scale, especially B Csharp D
  • Play the scale up and down 1 octave slurred at 60bpm