Reminder: No lesson next week – it’s the academy’s make up week, and since you have perfect attendance, there is no need for a makeup. Enjoy the week off and I will see you July 7th!


D Major

  • Use the metronome and play in eighth notes
  • try to increase the tempo up to 100 – 120
  • each time you make a mistake decrease the tempo by two
  • if you play it perfectly, increase the tempo by one
  • Practice playing up and down a fifth slowly, then faster, faster, faster – see if you can go up the scale at the same tempo!

B Minor Melodic

  • Work with a metronome with the beat equal to a quarter at between 60 to 80
  • Make sure you are blowing fast air and crescendo as you go up to the High B
  • Do the articulation exercise (4 quarter notes each scale note) up and down using a metronome
  • Do the long tone exercise (4 beats held each note) up and down


Gymnopédie No. 1

  • Print it out and put in the places we have talked about breathing
  • practice the spots where you hear noise between the notes until it’s smooth
  • have a look at your tuner, particularly around B natural and C natural
  • Once you have worked on the trouble spots, try playing all the way through without stopping – keep you air going and take regular breaths!