Slurred String Crossings

  • make sure to change strings at half way through the bow
  • try to maintain a consistent contact point. As you move to lower strings, your contact point is closer to the bridge and vice versa. Try to maintain one point.

D major 2 octaves

  • very nicely curled fingers
  • work on 8 per bow

G major 2 octaves

  • add 4 per bow
  • think of pushing frog away at the tip when on the A string
  • don’t stop bow for the shift
  • get the weight out of the string more for shift
  • repeat and slur the shift

Whale Song

  • Practice saying note names before plucking
  • C drone
  • add bow
  • metronome

Tired Tortoise

  • left arm higher (before)
  • start the shift into 1st position sooner
  • Dynamics
  • slow drone work: G and C
  • show character change between 1st and 2nd lines. second line more in the string, softer, more connect
  • quieter: less bow, less weight, mid-upper half of the bow

Minuet No. 2

  • Tri-pul-et: practice singing, clapping and playing this rhtyhm with the metronome – 60-70 bpm
  • no fishing on the A string
  • more bow when it is FORTE
  • work on fully memorizing and increasing the tempo
  • Bow pinky down