Hi there,

Back to in-person next week, excited to meet some of you! Also, if anyone is free, I’m playing a gig at the jazz bistro this Thursday, February 10th. It’s a sax-bass-piano trio and should be fun!

take care,




We worked on: tonguing lighter (using tee or dee), Bach Minuett, Khebar, ear training.

What to practice: explore tongue positions and syllables to get a lighter articulation, Bach Minuett (next section), Khebar (being more intentional with articulation, dynamics)



We worked on: ear training, Khebar, improvising in A minor

What to practice: check out the chords in Khebar, Amin Dmin E7 etc and experiment with soloing, refresh Blues By 5 for next week!


We worked on: overtones, overtone matching Klose #2, Silver and Art

What to practice: Klose #3 at 65-80 bpm, overtones, Silver and Art (work on rhythms of the first section and start looking at the next 8 bars)


We worked on: Blue Monk

What to practice: Silver and Art for next week, soloing with G Blues scale