D major

  • Extensions are looking SO great. congrats, looks like it clicked together this week
  • lets work on increasing the tempo of the scale, and making everything smooth together
  • make everything even
  • try 4 per bow

Repeated shifting exercise

  • starting on an up bow, on open D string
  • increase tempo and use less bow
  • try with a metronome: start at 55 and aim for 75
  • if you are having trouble finding the pitch, keep your hand down while you drone with the open string and slide your finger until the double stopped octave sounds better
  • keep your pinky on the bow


  • keep thinking about being relaxed, relaxed thumb, using the arm motion for the shift
  • 1st and 4th fingers need to be higher in 2nd position.
  • Great job getting back to first position
  • work on increasing the tempo while mainting accuracy of the shifts
  • issolate the shifts before starting from the beginning of the study
  • work on measure 4-6, slowly increasing tempo, and then add on measures 3-7


  • half notes longer
  • practice with a G drone
  • as you go accross the strings on the second line, really think about raising the left arm, so the pitch doesnt go flat
  • practice with metronome
  • pay attention to dynamics
  • no comma for shifts need to connect between one bar to the next
  • practice hiding your shift on the bow change


  • lower B and C on the A string
  • careful with rests and dotted half notes (in total is 4 beats)
  • add the bow and work towards an ‘Allegro’ tempo: quarter note¬† = 100-110ish (but start slower)
  • use less bow in a faster tempo

Pluck minuet in C this week #16