Alyssa M.

Hello, I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Great work on your low octave Long tones! I was very pleased with the progress you have made with those. You are slowly beginning to be able to hold notes for a little longer. This skill takes time but I am noticing progress so well done. For next week start to work on your upper octave long tones. So you will start on your high B natural and then do the same thing as you would with your lower octave long tones going down chromatically. We played another duet from the Trevor Wye technique book which will help you build ensemble and sight reading skills. We also reviewed the F Major two octave scale which you played with much more ease this time. For next week, try to play the scale a little faster and try to get halfway up the scale before taking another breath. I have also assigned the two octave G Major scale to work on for next lesson as well. We continued to work on your repertoire piece “The Rakes O’ Mallow” which is coming along nicely. Now that you know the notes and feel comfortable playing it from start to finish I would like you to now use the metronome to make sure that you are playing in time as well as the correct rhythm. Set the metronome to 60 and try to play the piece evenly and in time. We will increase the metronome tempo each week until we meet our tempo goal which is about 100-110.


Great job this week! Keep it up,