Excellent work this week with your progress. Your long tones are sounding great and your piece “The Rakes O’Mallow” is coming along quite nicely and you are almost done that piece. We started to look at some new pieces to choose from and we will choose one next week to start on. We also reviewed the two octave G Major scale which is sounding very good, next steps would be to try playing it a bit faster as we did in the lesson. For the new scale please work on the two octave B-flat Major scale and its relative minor both harmonic and melodic in your scale book. I was very impressed by your ability to reach the top octave high notes on the flute so congratulations and we will continue to refine these and make them even better! As for playing a piece in the recital, unfortunately due to letting the studio know a week before the event, I am unable to organize an accompanist for you. When playing a solo instrument you will most likely always need an accompanist for solo performances but you must plan for these things in advance, as your accompanist must also be available for your performance and you must give them the music to practice in advance, as well as arrange rehearsal times together. Next recital I highly recommend making the decision to play at least 3-4 weeks in advance so that everything can get organized on time.

See you on Saturday!