Owen – practice “All My Loving” smoothly. Parents, help Owen choose a piece by Jaco Pastorious. Make sure Owen practices slow ly at first and works up to speed. Help Owen by having regular time for practice.

Sam – practice “Tell me” by The Bros. Practice slowly at first, parents make sure that Sam pays particular attention to the last two bars and that he plays them rhythmically correct. Please make sure that Sam can practice 15 minutes a day. Also make sure Sam always brings a binder for his notes.

Eliot –  practice “Eight Days A Week” going from chord to chord smoothly. Parents, have Eliot practice playing each chord in time and move smoothly from one bar to the next. Also, listen to the song with Eliot to encourage interest.

Felix –  get the first eight bars of Rose Room solo more solid. Parents, encourage Felix to practice slowly at first then work up. Practice should be at a regular time every dat so please be sure Felix had designated practice time.

Paul – bass line for in the mean time. Watch your timing.



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