Hi students and parents!

Although everyone is doing well, no one read the homework posts last week. So this week I would really like to ensure that this gets around to all students, so if you’re a parent reading this, please print out the relevant parts (or the whole thing) and give it to your child, or leave it on their snare drum so they see it when they sit down to practice!

Jacinto: I want you to practice the 8th note rock groove with your hands while playing the “a” of 1, and the “e” of one (separately). Remember to take it REALLY SLOW until it’s comfortable before bringing the speed up. Remember to stay loose and relaxed. If you’re not relaxed, it might be too fast! Also put on Back in Black in headphones and try to figure out what the drummer is doing. And play along!

Asher: Work on the page I sent home with you, with Ezra if possible. Bring in songs that you would like to learn.

Ezra: Try playing along to When the Levee Breaks and Amen Brother. Listen to the Funky Drummer (https://youtu.be/dNP8tbDMZNE) – if you are on a computer you should be able to slow the video down to hear exactly what Clyde Stubblefield is doing. Try playing along to the slowed down Funky Drummer beat. If that’s too hard, you can go back to practicing it one beat at a time. You do not have to open the hihat with your left foot, just focus on the other three limbs for now!

Chloe: Play along to Thumbs, please! Keep the beat with your right foot (Those will be quarter notes), and play the backbeat (that’s where we were snapping) with your left hand on the snare drum. You can also practice the beat from Wavin’ Flag but NOT SO LOUD(!!!) with your right hand on the hihat!

Brad: Work on the page I sent home with you. If you’re having trouble figuring out where the bass drum sits in the beat, it may help to write down the counts they appear on and then count out loud. For example, in the 2nd bar, the first note sits on beat 1, and the second note sits on the ‘and’ of 2. So it’s ONE (and) (two) AND. That’s what you’ll play with your bass drum.

ALL STUDENTS: Please acquire a copy of Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer by Ted Reed. No big rush, but we will be working with this book! You can find it on my teacher page: https://music-lessons.ca/teachers/david-zada/