Good job, today, kids (both young and older)!!  Remember, you only get out of music what you put into it!


Practice more, my fine sir!  This is the only way to get better, and you will enjoy our lessons, and learn to love music making if you do!


Remember to ‘get into the dance’ of the piece you’re playing BEFORE you begin the piece.  Play the ‘note-naming music reading game with yourself or your dad — see if you can name a random note on the page, and locate on the keyboard as fast as you can!


Great first lesson, dear!  It will all come back to you in a flash if you remember to play with your ENTIRE being right from the start — practice in slow motion while still moving to the rhythmic character of the piece you’re playing.  Looking forward joining you on your musical journey of rediscovery!!!


The only way one gets over shyness is the same as learning anything new –> PRACTICE.  And, in this case, practice ‘dancing to the rhythm’ as you play as if nobody else will ever hear you, even if there is a person/people intently listening to you!  The more you do it, the easier and more comfortable you will get while doing it.


Great first lesson, Stephanie!  I suspect playing the cello will come quite natural to you, even though you’ve never played an instrument before.  You have sung, and that is key (the ability to sing and understanding of)!  Looking forward to next week :)