“Tchaikovsky’s Theme”: Practice section A of the piece. Count at all times the six beats. start with the left hand, changing chords every three beats (in 1 and 4). Once you have that, put both hands together.


Piano Adventures p. 39, “Best Friends”. Make sure he’s using the proper fingering. He must start with his middle fingers in C (left hand) and G (right hand).


Finish writing your song.

Compose another song with the blues scale (all the black keys + A).

“Overworld”: practice the first part of the song.

Start reading Piano adventures p. 21. “Li’l Liza Jane”.


“August”: Hear the song a couple of times and identify the changes in dynamics. Which verses/choruses are played softer and/or louder?
For the verses, add a second note from the chord in your right hand, below the melody. For the choruses, play just the melody in your right hand, but make sure to do something else with your left hand.

Sonatina, 2nd mov.: Memorize for next week. Take 5 minutes to practice the transitions between mm. 12-13 and mm. 22-23. If you can use a metronome to practice them, all the better.