Hi everyone,

A reminder that I will not be here next week so there will be another teacher.


Keep working on Bass drum independence with the exercise from today. Try to work on your double strokes by alternating it with singles and playing for longer periods of time. Practice the etude at 120 and the triplet version of it at 85bpm. Please bring back the sheet music.


Work on shifting between quarter notes, 8th notes, and 16th notes. Remember to take a pause between repetitions of the exercise. Make sure to follow the metronome; The metronome will not follow you. Keep it at 60= quarter,120 = 8th, 240=16th note.


Try practicing everything you’ve already learned in the piece at 55bpm. Practice with a metronome so that you know what patterns start on or off the beat. Speed it up once you feel comfortable but make sure you can play it through with minimal mistakes.


Good work on the swing pattern! Try to work on stick control with everything swung so that you get more used to how that feels, it could help fix your tendency to play things straight when it gets more complicated. As always, even without a kit miming the motions will help.