“Tchaikovsky’s theme”: Practice with the metronome at 40 bpm. Before playing, think about the eight notes. But once you start playing, try to feel the “big beats” (dotted quarter note). Take a few minutes to practice the dynamics in the last 2 lines of the piece.

“Willow Tree”: Practice the A section, following the instructions given in class.

Choose a song or two that you want to learn on piano. Can be any style, but if it is jazz or bossa nova, all the better.


Practice the complete song (“Luigi’s Mansion”). Choose another song for the next class.

Read Kites in the Sky. For this piece, you have to cross your left hand over your right hand in bars 3, 7, and 11.


“I know it won’t work”: Practice the ostinato (repeated notes in the left hand) by itself first. The idea is that you get used to playing the notes softly, without feeling that you are straining your hand.

As a separate thing, start putting the melody and the accompaniment together. Remember that if you feel your lefthand tired, you should stop immediately.

“A little piece”: Speed it up. you can pick a metronome and gradually increase the tempo.