Good work on the articulation exercise. Remember to stop and take a break if it feels like something isn’t working; sometimes your embouchure just needs to relax before trying it again


D Major

  • Practice this using the Barret articulation exersize
    • 4 tongued notes on each scale note
    • say “da da da” or “tah tah tah” to articulate legato (or smooth)
    • say “tut tut tut” or “dut dut dut” to articulate staccatto (or short) notes
  • when you get up into the second octave, make sure you play as far out on the reed as possible – this will make it more adjustable and easier to play
  • Keep your air support going while articulating – it should feel the same as if you are playing a long note
  • Think of “softening” your air to get softer, but keep your core engaged so that you can crescendo when needed


Gymnopédie No 1

I will hear the second half from bar 21 next week