“Ice Skaters”: Practice complete. Remember to start from the beginning after the last bar. Choose a tempo that is comfortable to you to play the eight notes in the second part of the piece, and start with that tempo.
“Allegro in D major”: Practice the dynamics. In the crescrendos, grow gradually. In bb. 7-8, the loudest note is the C sharp at the beginning of bar eight, think the melodic line up to that point and then decrease the volume.
Search for 4-5 songs (Jazz/Bossa Nova) that you would like to learn.


Jingle Bells: Practice the par seen in class. Memorize them as much as you can.

“Wish I Were a Fish”: Practice it from beginning to end (pp. 70-71). Make sure you keep you hands in the right position and in the keyboard at all times.


p. 12-13 “Ferris Wheel”: Play without stoping between the parts, even if it at a slow tempo. In the last line, play thrice in the middle C (C-E) then go up one octave, play three times again, and then go up another octave to finish the song.


“Snow on the beach”: Practice voice and piano separately. For the piano, try to keep the notes as even as possible in the arpeggios. For singing, try to put more air into it. Sing louder, specially when you reach high notes.

“Sonatina in C major”: start reading the first page of the 2nd movement. For now, don’t play the trill in the first line. Pay special attention to the fingering.