Keep working on Bad Moon Rising, it sounds awesome. All the practice is really paying off. Practice Let It Be this week, with both open and bar chords. Focus on the bar chords especially, practicing the transitions between the two shapes. Keep familiarizing yourself with the fretboard, it will become very important with bar chords. Work on My Sweet L0rd this week, and we will continue where we left off. Nice work!


Work on I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor this week. It’s sounding great! Listen to the song and try learning the form. Play along to the song at 75% speed (playback speed function on Youtube). Keep working on that lead line, it’s really coming along. We will keep working on this one next time. Also, bring in a tune you want to work on!


Nice work on Twist and Shout! Keep practicing that one this week. Try to play along to the song, with both the riff and the chords. There is one part in the song that we haven’t gone over, we will do that next time. Keep practicing getting a smooth transition between the chords. Nice job!


Keep practicing Under Pressure, that sounds great! Play along to the song this week! Remember the chorus switches to just G and A. Nice work on Let It Be! Practice that song really slow and start to slowly build up the speed over time. Focus especially on that F chord, it will become really important. Great work!


Nice to meet you Tammy! Great job today. Work on Twist and Shout this week. Practice both the riff and the chords. Also try to play through all the chords we went over. Have a look at the piano I drew out for you, and try to remember a few things: no sharps or flats between E and F, and between B and C. Additionally, try to familiarize yourself with the order of the notes. It is a lot of information so take it slow, we will go over it again next time. Great work!



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