Keep practicing stick control, we were up to 144 bpm today. Keep at it! Work on your doubles and see if you can Try some rolls.

Try to do 10 min of focused practice/day and listen to some songs you might want to play with.


Try to practice a bit on your own and work on doubles a bit. Let’s aim to have you more comfortable with the basic rock beat as a priority.


Try playing glorious days from your hannaford music. It’s one of the more challenging pieces there but I think you can learn it.

Try learning Mary had a little lamb on your keyboard at home and I’ll work with you on xylo a bit more next week.


Not sure if you’ll read this but in case you do, here are 2 resources I recommend all my students whether they have a kit or not:

Stick control is a great book for some rudimentary exercises, I’ll share the file when you come back for another lesson.

Drum dictionary is a free app on Apple that has an in-built metronome and a collection of drum beats.


Good work everyone!